Lapping Film

GRISH Lapping film/Polishing Film is coated with precisely graded minerals (such as diamond, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, silicon oxide, cerium oxide and so on) on the high strength polyester backing to provide a uniform, consistent finish. With or without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing, and available in sheets, discs and rolls for meeting the use on any type of polishing equipment. These films are widely used in the polishing of fiber optic connectors, roller, hard disk and metal parts etc.


Particle Size & Mesh





Aluminum Oxide 


Silicon Oxide


Cerium Oxide 


80µm #180


60µm #240


45µm #360


40µm #400



30µm #600

●Green/Dark Green



16µm #1000




15µm #1200

●Yellow-Green /Brown



12µm #1500


9µm #2000

●Blue/Orange /Nattier Blue



6µm #2500


5µm #3000



3µm #4000




2µm #6000

●Greyish Green

●Bright Green

1µm #8000




0.5µm #10000



0.3µm #15000





Standard Size

Round: Φ70mm, Φ110mm, Φ127mm (5in), Φ203mm (8in)

Rectangle: 114mm*114mm, 152mm*152mm (6in*6in), 228mm*280mm (9in*11in)

Remark: Customizations are available upon requests.


1.  Superior finish surface; 

2. Consistent polishing performance;

3. Long life and high yield;

4. Applicable to both dry and wet polishing.

GRISH Lapping Film( Polishing Film)& Applications.pdf

Picture Keywords

Fiber Optic Connectors Processing, Flat Lapping, Roller Superfinishing, Metallographic Analysis, Ceramics, Glass and other hard materials processing.

For MPO/PC-12, MPO/PC-16, MPO/APC-16, MPO/PC-24, MPO/APC-24, FC/UPC, SC/UPC, ST/UPC, LC/UPC, MU/UPC, FC/APC, MT-RJ, E2000 and other multimode/singlemode fiber optic connectors ultra-precision grinding and polishing needs. GRISH has developed a series of optical fiber grinding and polishing process, and developed and produced a variety of ultra-precision polishing consumables and equipment, including ordinary optical fiber special grinding and polishing paper, special grinding and polishing machine series (new listing), MPO/MTP special grinding and polishing paper, grinding and polishing liquid, grinding and polishing machine series (new listing).



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