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Grish Fiber Polisher & Accessories

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Technical ParametersVoltage     AC220V
Frequency     50HZ
Power     150W
Rotation Speed   30~180r/min

Remark:Customizations are available upon requests.    


1. Minimum Polishing ports for connectors is up to 20 ports, much suitable for Mass production, Four corner adjustable pressure make it easily handling for polishing, also help to get High precision and consistent polishing end-face;    

2. End-face polishing result conform to IEC standard;    

3. Polishing by Planetary Orbits;    

4. Utilizing the PC jig with latest tech results in higher passing rate, Either polishing 1 or 24 connectors will make uniform end-face;    

5. For Mu & LC connectors, Maximum polishing ports are 24, for SC,PC,ST connectors, The maximum polishing port is up to 36;    

6. Polisher utilizing superior heat-treated stainless exported overseas ensures high precision polishing and better endurable life.   



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