SiC Lapping Film

Precisely coated with silicon carbide abrasive that means it can give you the more aggressive removal rate than AO (alumina) series. Especially suit for polishing the plastic and rubber material.

SiC Lapping Film

GRISH Silicon Carbide Lapping Film is coated with precisely graded silicon carbide powder on the high strength polyester backing to provide a uniform, consistent finish. Available in 1-30 μm grades, with or without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing.


Particle size/µm3016159531

Remark: Customizations are available upon requests.

For MPO/PC-12, MPO/PC-16, MPO/APC-16, MPO/PC-24, MPO/APC-24, FC/UPC, SC/UPC, ST/UPC, LC/UPC, MU/UPC, FC/APC, MT-RJ, E2000 and other multimode/singlemode fiber optic connectors ultra-precision grinding and polishing needs. GRISH has developed a series of optical fiber grinding and polishing process, and developed and produced a variety of ultra-precision polishing consumables and equipment, including ordinary optical fiber special grinding and polishing paper, special grinding and polishing machine series (new listing), MPO/MTP special grinding and polishing paper, grinding and polishing liquid, grinding and polishing machine series (new listing).

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