GRISH Creative Products--sandpaper painting

GRISH Creative Products--sandpaper painting

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Hello, dear parents and friends, have you been asked those questions as follow: What is sandpaper painting? How to draw a sandpaper painting? What brushes to use? What tips can you show the beauty of sandpaper painting? 

Recently we have recorded a special video of sandpaper painting, hoping it can help in your situation.

Thank you for your watching!

Part1, Introduction of sandpaper painting

Sandpaper painting is a pretty creative and boldly expressed art form with sandpaper as an art-paper,  using oil pastels with a strong covering capacity for drawing it, and other tools. 

The surface of the sandpaper adheres evenly distributed with a layer of tiny sand grains, which appears to be very rough and keeps traces when you gently paint on it with oil pastels.

The stronger the coverage of the paint, the more obvious the effect. 

This feature that has strong color adhesion of sandpaper is especially suitable for expressing the unrestrained nature of children when painting.

Part 2, the painting Tools that we needed.

Sand-paper of various grit sizes, Oil pastels, Textured paper

Part 3,Steps of creative work 

① Idea: conceptualize the subject matter to be painted in advance.

② Layout: Make a proper arrangement of the content to be painted on the picture.

③ Painting: depicts the object to be shown on the picture.

④ Completion: make appropriate adjustments and modifications to the picture to complete the creation.

Part 4,Coloring method

① Color outline: first use the oil pastels to gently outline, then paint the corresponding color.

② Direct coloring: without outlining, apply the object directly on the sandpaper with the oil pastels.

③ Superimposed coloring: after applying the first layer of color, apply a second and third layer of color with the same or different colors as needed. 

④ Changes in force: when applying color, there is a change in force or not, which will make the picture color appear deep and light, as well as gradient color, producing a sense of three-dimensionality and space.

⑤ Dotted drawing method: using the end of a dry brush such as an oil pastel to gently click on sandpaper to form colored dots of different shapes and sizes.

⑥ Thin coating method: use the oil pastels to lay on the sandpaper sideways and lightly coat the sandpaper to properly penetrate the base color of the sandpaper.

Part 5, Notes

① Recommended for children over 4 years old under parental supervision. 

② Sandpaper painting has sand particles, and pay attention to safety!

Come on, enjoy your memorable parent-child interaction whose form is the funny creation of sandpaper painting together with children.

The works of the children of our workers are displayed as follows:

We believe that this activity will be able to enhance the parent-child relationship, cultivating the child's keen sense of artistic creation,  personalized creativity, noble and artistic sentiment.

Young artists, what are you waiting for?

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