Introduction to the performance and technical application of aluminum nitride ceramic substrates

Introduction to the performance and technical application of aluminum nitride ceramic substrates

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Aluminum nitride ceramics have excellent thermal conductivity (5-10 times that of alumina ceramics), low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, reliable insulation performance, excellent mechanical properties, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and similar thermal expansion coefficient to silicon. As a new generation of ceramic materials, more and more attention and attention, widely used in communication devices, high brightness LED, power electronic devices and other industries.

I. Basic information of aluminum nitride

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a synthetic mineral, not naturally occurring in nature. the crystal structure type of AlN is hexagonal fibrous zinc ore type, with the advantages of small density (3.26g/cm3), high strength, good heat resistance (about 3060 ℃ decomposition), high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. AlN is a strong covalent bonding compound, and its heat conduction mechanism is lattice vibration (i.e. phonon heat transfer). Due to the small original number of Al and N, AlN by nature has a high thermal conductivity, and its theoretical value of thermal conductivity can be as high as 319 W/m-K. However, in actual products, due to the crystal structure of AlN is not completely uniform distribution, and there are many impurities and defects, so its thermal conductivity is generally only 170-230 W/m-K. -K.

II. GRISH can provide the substrate performance indicators and specifications are shown in the following table.

Aluminum nitride substrate product performance indicators

体积密度g/cm3≥3.30GB/T 2413
导热率20℃,W/(M·K)≥170GB/T 5598
介电常数1MHz8月10日GB/T 5594.4
击穿强度KV/mm≥17GB/T 5593
抗弯强度MPa≥450GB/T 5593
体积电阻率20℃,Ω.cm≥1014GB/T 5594.5
热膨胀系数10-6mm/20-3002月3日GB/T 5593

For the product specifications of aluminum nitride substrates, the following specifications are generally available.


Introduction to GRISH's business in aluminum nitride

In order to increase the thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride, it is necessary to conduct gold, silver and copper plating on its surface, at the same time, there is a higher requirement for the roughness of aluminum nitride surface, in this background, GRISH company began to study the polishing process of aluminum nitride surface, after a period of research and development, we have mastered the polishing technology of aluminum nitride and achieved very good results.

The roughness of the surface of aluminum nitride after polishing by our company can reach below 0.020um without the phenomenon of holes, and we can also customize the service of special products according to the requirements of customers. products with high stability and surface precision.

Figures 1 and 2 below show our products after the fine polishing process, both of which can meet the customer's requirements.

Figures 1 and 2

Figures 2

Figure 3, Figure 4 below, shows our equipment.

Figure 3

Figure 4

substrates, the following specifications are generally available.

Aluminum nitride substrate product performance indicators
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