The collision of 10,000-year-old ceramic materials and modern smartphones(2)

The collision of 10,000-year-old ceramic materials and modern smartphones(2)

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Cell phone keys

Back in the days of traditional keypad phones in 2007, the side buttons of a high-end Siemens S68 model phone were made of nano-zirconia matte ceramic.

Cell phone batteries

The development of batteries is remarkable, and ceramic materials are one of the important materials that make up batteries. For example, solid-state lithium ceramic batteries, or various ceramic diaphragm materials in lithium-ion batteries.

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) materials are developing rapidly under the support of 5G technology, and have become an essential component raw material in electronic devices. 5G mobile communication technology development has put forward higher and more stringent requirements on the performance of multilayer ceramic capacitor materials. Multilayer ceramic capacitor materials will gradually develop in the direction of high frequency, low power consumption, miniaturization and high energy storage density technology to meet the arrival of 5G era.


Multilayer ceramic capacitor materials need to have more advantages in terms of capacity and reliability as the performance of electronic products improves. Moreover, today's social life requires smaller size of mobile communication devices and electronic devices, and accordingly, multilayer ceramic capacitor materials should be thinner, lighter, and smaller.

Ceramic Packaged Base

Ceramic package base (PKG) is a three-dimensional interconnection structure formed by ceramic raw sheets printed with conductive patterns and punched with conductive holes, stacked in a certain order and processed through an atmosphere protection sintering process.

The role of the package includes: First, to provide a mounting platform for the chip, so that it is protected from external mechanical damage and to prevent environmental moisture, acidic gases on the chip electrode corrosion damage, to meet the requirements of hermetic packaging; Second, to achieve the miniaturization of the package shell, thin and surface mountable; Third, through the metal soldering area on the base to connect the electrode on the chip and the electrode on the circuit board, to achieve the internal and external circuit conduction.



With the development of the Internet era, cell phones have penetrated into every aspect of people's production life, far beyond communication itself, and people are constantly exploring the appearance and functions of cell phones in a more far-reaching way. Ceramic, an ancient material, has emerged, and nano-ceramics, represented by microcrystalline zirconium, are gradually entering the cell phone material market with their high performance and good texture. In the future, the door is open for the application of ceramics in cell phones.

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