Nickel-plated diamond

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Coating a layer of metal on the surface of diamond can give diamond many new properties: improve the strength of diamond, diamond and matrix interface bonding ability, oxygen barrier protection, reduce the degree of diamond thermal damage, etc. The plated metal is generally nickel, copper, silver and other alloys, and the plating method is generally chemical plating or chemical plating followed by electroplating. 

The use of nickel-plated diamond and ordinary nickel-plated diamond is the same, are applied in the resin bonding abrasives, the difference is that nickel-plated diamond in the resin bonding agent holding power is much greater than ordinary nickel-plated diamond, grinding work plus the effect is also significantly better than the latter.

Product introduction

1、 Product classification 

Our laboratory has prepared nickel plated diamond by chemical plating and electroplating methods, and the shape of the nickel spike has two forms, ice cream and milky, according to the different plating methods and the different diamond materials used.

Note: Resin bonded diamond tool means that in the process of tool making, the combination of diamond and substrate relies on resin bond, this kind of diamond can greatly improve the combination strength of diamond and substrate after applying nickel plating treatment, and enhance the service life of the tool. 

Diamond wire saw is a kind of metal bond diamond tool, at first it is applied non-nickel plating treatment diamond for tool preparation, later research found that the wire saw made after plating a small amount of metal nickel its performance is better, diamond wrapped more tightly, wire saw needs less plating nickel amount, see schematic diagram as follows.

As can be seen in the figure, nickel-plated diamond was applied during the preparation of the wire saw, and the coating of nickel layer during the preparation of the wire saw was reduced from the original two-thirds to about one-third later, and the combination of diamond particles and wire became fully wrapped, which avoided the shedding of diamond particles during the cutting process of the wire saw and prolonged the service life. 

2、 Product specification and testing 

Our nickel plated diamond is distinguished into two regular specifications of 30% weight gain and 55% weight gain according to the weight gain of nickel plating, and the diamond grain size type used depends on the customer's demand. There are some exceptions, such as Shanghai Nanqi, whose demand for resin bonded diamond with nickel plating weight is 56%, and the particle size type is 170/200, 270/325, 60/80, etc. 

Nickel plated diamond inspection is divided into several kinds: particle size distribution of raw material micronized product (particle size chart), microscopic morphology of raw material micronized product (SEM), microscopic morphology of nickel plated qualified product (SEM), weight gain rate of nickel plated product, continuous crystal rate of nickel plated product, leakage rate of nickel plated product, etc. 

From the comparison chart, it can be seen that the surface of diamond is covered by nickel metal after nickel plating stabbing treatment, and the bonding agent and diamond can be well wrapped and form a good connection during the preparation of the corresponding diamond tools, improving the adhesion and the service life.

Application areas 

Due to its stable performance, nickel plated diamond is gradually used in major resin bonded diamond tool manufacturers. In recent years, the booming development of diamond wire saws has also demanded diamond raw materials and gradually developed towards a small amount of nickel plated metal. 30% weight gain diamond nickel plated spur products with regular shape are more and more widely used. 

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