Fresh Clothes, Raging Horses, Craftsmanship, Going Far - Documentary of Guorisheng's 20th Anniversary Celebration and Happy Grassland Tour

Fresh Clothes, Raging Horses, Craftsmanship, Going Far - Documentary of Guorisheng's 20th Anniversary Celebration and Happy Grassland Tour

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From July 24 to 26, 2021, more than 220 employees and guests of Beijing Guorisheng Technology Co., Ltd. went to the beautiful Inner Mongolia Gongbaolag Prairie to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company with passion and "Happy Grassland Tour "The company celebrated its 20th anniversary in the form of cultural and sports activities!

July is the most beautiful season of the grassland, the average temperature of about 20 ° is simply open the door of paradise: blue sky, white clouds, green grass, fat cattle and sheep, the melodious Mongolian long tune ...... all of this is fascinating. At this moment, please follow my lens, straight to the scene of the 20th anniversary of the joyful grassland activities, together into the boundless sea of joy!

Hada, dismounted wine, grassland people show enthusiasm

When we first arrived at the grassland, we felt the strong regional style. The grassland people welcomed the guests who came from afar with the most solemn ceremony. The gorgeous costumes, holy hada and fragrant wine are only to express respect and congratulations.

Watch the wolves, play games, open the tense nerves and let the mind completely empty

Wolf is an animal with team attributes, and wolf nature is also regarded as a team spirit, a spirit of innovation and tenacity, a means to survive and develop under limited or poor environment, and a crisis consciousness of taking the initiative to pursue the law of superiority and inferiority in nature and optimize the collective. Come to the prairie, take a look at the wolves in the real world and experience the unique wolf culture.

The theme of this trip is "fresh clothes and horses, artisanal heart to travel far", we hope that you can wash off a dust, leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city, put down stress and worries, indulge in the blue sky and blue grass, give yourself a vacation, let the soul back to nature. This is not only a trip to the grassland scenery, but also a trip to the folk customs, but also a trip to the history and culture! Let's watch the sun set slowly on the vast grassland, and let the horses race for freedom!

The company's 20th anniversary celebration was held

The year 2021 is extraordinary, this year, the great motherland has achieved a great historical achievement of building a moderately prosperous society and decisive victory in the battle against poverty, Guorisheng company also ushered in the 20th anniversary of its establishment. The 20 years of time, recorded countless laughter and tears. 20 years of struggle, 20 years of wind and rain, 20 years of hard work and progress! At this moment, Guorui Sheng remember every family members in service or have left, sincerely thank you for your hard work and no regrets, thanks for your company on the way forward!


GRISHGRISHGRISHGRISHGRISHGRISHTen years to, twenty years to; another rain and wind with the boat; breathe in each other to wet, moisten each other, each Guorisheng family members are proof of their liver and guts with Guorisheng, solidarity. This year's rain or shine with the award, by the commendation of 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years of old employees have a lot, we share a small thing, but we harvest is indeed a true love, this emotion is not only the old staff, all employees see in the eyes, remember in the heart. This is a kind of affection inspiration, he will subconsciously in the majority of employees into the power of progress, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, enhance the cohesion of the staff and sense of belonging, for the enterprise to create a warm, peaceful working atmosphere, we believe that under the inculcation of this good atmosphere, the company will certainly be more prosperous.



GRISHGRISHGRISHGRISHThe company has also added many new faces this year, and the addition of these new employees has injected fresh blood into the company, brought vigorous vitality, and moreover brought the future and hope to the company. As the song says: "Teenage boy, teenage madness, teenage embrace rolling hope, teenage dare to go for the dream; teenage boy, teenage madness, teenage eyes burning stubbornness, teenage dictionary no surrender."


Team building demonstrates enthusiasm and vitality

The 21st century is an era of team supremacy, and all businesses will be the business of the team. Only by having a team with strong centripetal force, cohesion and combat power, and a group of employees who encourage, support, learn from and help each other, can the company keep moving forward and growing. In the group building session, the employees of the company were divided into different groups, and the competition was between different teams externally, while the unity was within the teams. When the picture of "Great Exhibition" bloomed beautifully in the storm, every team member was happy and proud! This is Guorisheng, this is a different kind of us!



Bonfire party, roast lamb, different scenery, different feelings

20 years of national Ruisheng is flourishing, vigorous; 20 years of national Ruisheng dedicated to cultivate, full of ambition! Do not bully the youth, the youth can grow when the wind, just waiting for the future of the spring and rain, the future will be long; do not laugh at the youth crazy, the youth has a dream to dare to break through, and look at the future of the fresh clothes and horses, return home.


Free activities and relaxation

The picturesque grassland, with her deep and heavy beauty, attracts the footsteps of countless seekers. Here, you can enjoy the boundless beauty, sing and dance around the bonfire and let go of yourself; you can also get up early to enjoy the beautiful grassland sunrise and feel the simple folk culture; or run around the prairie with those free and easy horses and white sheep; you can also have an unexpected encounter with the grassland groundhog. If you are lucky, you can pick grassland wild leeks to make your own flower sauce at home, and you can also come across the pure natural grassland white mushrooms ...... all of which are waiting for you to explore and seek.


Reluctant to embark on the return journey

The three days of the 20th anniversary celebration of the country Rui Sheng slowly came to an end, we are reluctant to leave but also eager to try, the former because the beautiful grassland trip is too fascinating, the latter is in the heart of the "roll up your sleeves to do" after tasting the fruits of greater victory that kind of expectation. Three days of activities, we have gained too much joy and touching, more precious is that the gratitude and respect for the family members who have been with us through thick and thin, it will certainly take root in the heart of each employee, and then grow strong. This gratitude is not material can be measured and replaced, it is a culture, a sense of calling, but also a heritage!

GRISH20 years, we are standing in a new starting point, a new starting point gives us a new direction, a new goal, a new future! Looking back, we do not feel wasted, looking forward to the future, we do not fear the storm!


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