GRISH® Successfully Exhibits at DenTech China 2021 (Shanghai Dental Show)

GRISH® Successfully Exhibits at DenTech China 2021 (Shanghai Dental Show)

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The 25th China International Dental Equipment Exhibition and Symposium (DenTech China 2021), co-organized by China International Science and Technology Exchange Center, the Ninth People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine and Shanghai Böttcher Exhibition Co., Ltd, came to a successful end at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from November 3-6, 2021.

The exhibition admitted more than 800 exhibitors known in the industry and brought together many digital products, as well as various new dental products such as implants, invisible orthodontics, aesthetic dental materials, sensory control equipment and precision medical treatment. Attendees and professional visitors participated in the live interaction with great interest.

Panjin Grish Technology Co., Ltd. as exhibitors of DenTech China 2021 in South China, the director of Guorisheng New Research Division with R&D and sales made a collective appearance in Hall 2, M37, which received wide attention from the organizers, exhibitors and the community.

The exhibition site through the series of exhibits, clear polishing application demonstration and other ways to promote our independent research and development, production and sales, zirconia polishing set for denture, and polishing set for composite resin polishing strips & polishing discs.

GRISH® Zirconia polishing kit is suitable for full zirconia denture restorations. The high diamond content allows for efficient polishing and no glazing is required after polishing. Process description: red → yellow → white

GRISH®Zirconia polishing kit product appearance



Product Features

01Polishing effect close to real teeth, bright and scratch-free

02Polishing all polishing materials can be 135 ℃ high pressure steam sterilization

03The polishing trimming speed is fast, the grain is even and delicate, containing cooling material, low heat production under high speed, no water cooling direct grinding and polishing

Zirconia polishing set product use (partial schematic)


GRISH® polishing strips and discs are used for morphological finishing and polishing of composite resin, glass ionomer and porcelain restorations, distinguishing the coarseness of the grit by its color. Color specifications can be customized. The order of use is: purple → blue → green → pink, according to the dentist's usage habits to select the grit.

RISH®Product appearance of polishing strips and discs


Product Features

01Soft and safe, will not cause damage or staining of composite resin restorations

02Ultra-thin, tough, and tightly fitted to teeth

03The polishing strip has a blank strip base in the middle for easy access to the teeth

04Single-layer sand, uniform coating thickness, fast and time-saving polishing

05Recommended speed 5000~10000 rpm, contact pressure 0.3~0.6N

GRISH®Use of polishing strips and disc products (partial illustration)

GRISHExhibition style

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