GRISH Successfully Exhibited at SEMICON China 2021

GRISH Successfully Exhibited at SEMICON China 2021

2021-03-19 10:01:10 22

March 17-19, 2021, SEMICON China 2021 in Shanghai New International Expo Center grand opening. Covering the chip design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, equipment, materials suppliers and other whole industry chain to work together, for 10 consecutive years to become the world's largest and most influential semiconductor professional exhibition - SEMICON China to expand China's semiconductor open to the outside world, into the global industry ecosystem, the formation of a joint effort to jointly undertake the more open domestic and international double cycle.

According to SEMI data, in 2020 the global semiconductor equipment market growth of 18%, in 2020 China's semiconductor equipment market growth of 39.3%, for the first time to become the world's largest semiconductor equipment market. 2020 global semiconductor materials market growth of 4.9%, China's semiconductor materials market growth of 12% in 2020, to become the world's second largest semiconductor materials market.

Beijing Grish Hitech Co., Ltd.  as one of SEMICON China 2021 exhibitors, by the general manager Wang Jianying with deputy general manager Zhao Minghui and semiconductor materials application R & D, sales engineers in N4.4703 integrated circuit materials industry technology innovation alliance zone collective appearance, by the organizers, exhibitors and the community's extensive attention.

The exhibition site focused on displaying the polishing process of semiconductor materials including Guorisheng's "silicon carbide polishing process", "aluminum nitride polishing process", "indium phosphide & gallium arsenide polishing process", as well as the polishing process of aluminum-magnesium alloy polishing process" for cemented carbide and metallurgical industry, which triggered many professional visitors to stop and consult, exchange and negotiate; and actively explore the prospects of semiconductor material polishing applications.

On the opening day of the exhibition, General Manager Wang Jianying was interviewed by Compound Semiconductor magazine on the spot and gave an insightful explanation on the latest products, application prospect and future market direction of the company!

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