GRISH will present at Convergence India Expo 2021

GRISH will present at Convergence India Expo 2021

2021-03-22 13:12:14 19

GRISH has made well preparations for Convergence India Expo 2021.

Click the below link to join GRISH's journey at this event.

Take a quick look at GRISH ‘s brief introduction of optical fiber grinding & polishing process by our Global Sales Manager Kapil Sah.

About  Convergence India Expo 2021:

The first and finest event of 2021 in the realm of tech and infra goes hybrid!

Keeping in mind the new normal and the limited travel options, the 28th Convergence India Expo and the 6th Smart Cities India expo 2021, invites you for three days of networking and knowledge transfers.

Block your dates and join us to reignite business growth and network with 500+ companies physically and 60+ international companies virtually.

Launched in 1992, the Convergence India series of expo is credited as India's leading Technology Show. The expo brings together the latest technology

innovations and trends from the telecom & mobile industry, information technology & security, broadcast & digital media, as well as emerging

technologies & enterprise solutions under one roof & provides a great opportunity for industry leaders and influencers to discuss the latest trends and 

disruptions impacting various industry verticals.  

From 2021, we will be holding our other leading expo, Smart Cities India concurrently and will deliver India’s largest Technology event on all aspects vital to nation building.  

Convergence India is at the forefront of India’s digital revolution, while the Smart Cities India expo is a reflection of India’s emerging modernization and development landscape. The combination of both expos, supporting India’s Digital & Smart Cities Missions, will deliver an event that focuses on sustainable growth for the country.  

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