Live your beauty - Happy 3.8 International Working Women's Day!

Live your beauty - Happy 3.8 International Working Women's Day!

2021-03-08 16:16:27 22

March, the days of spring, March belongs to women's days. The sun is shining brighter every day, even though it is still warm.

Today, March 8, is the 111th International Women's Day (IWD) - a day for women around the world to fight for peace, equality and development. "International Women's Day (IWD) is the 111th International Women's Day (IWD) - a day when women around the world strive for peace, equality and development.

March 8, also known as "International Working Women's Day", "March 8 Day", "March 8 Women's Day" in China, this year's "March 8 "This year, March 8 is the 98th holiday celebrated in China (China first celebrated International Working Women's Day in 1924).

The war of liberation of Chinese women has never stopped, from the call of the female masses, to the acceptance of society; from the freedom from the shackles of foot-binding, to the rise of modern women, Chinese women have achieved a turnaround of several thousand years in just a few decades, more women have got rid of the old world, they are no longer just a mother's identity, but a master of the family, but an indispensable part of the company!

They have liberated their minds, renewed their concepts, broadened their horizons, become independent and confident, and injected new ideas and new concepts into their lives and work! Each woman is taking on a different social role, and at the same time is constantly trying to achieve a better self!

We can see such a figure everywhere in Grish: whether it is the technical research and development of new products, or the process operation in the workshop, or the tedious and meticulous financial, quality, operational work, etc., behind every ordinary job is inseparable from the hard work of the company's female employees!

March 8, for each female employee of GRISH, is also a day to look forward to and celebrate, we enjoy a half-day holiday in addition to the company were held in each molecular company premises to handmade hair cards as the theme of the activities, so that everyone in the world's women celebrate the holiday, relax and enjoy the pleasure of life, but also take this activity to show that all female compatriots of GRISH self-confidence and independence, dare to try The event is also an opportunity to show the confidence and independence of all our women, their dexterity, and their heart.

A bed four-piece set of the accompanying gift, also in this warm day quietly arrived, a small heart, full of the company's thoughts and care for all female workers, a thousand miles to send a goose feather gift light love heavy! Every goddess' face was filled with incomparable happy smile.

In today's world, no single standard can meet the needs of women for self-evaluation nowadays. The progress of history has brought about multiple value standards and multiple balances. Women's lifelong role changes require constant breaking of the ego, completing new role perceptions and spiritual growth, and breaking new life from within! And how a woman perceives the multiple roles of her life is the key to whether she completes her spiritual growth!

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