Before resuming work and production, safety production training first!

Before resuming work and production, safety production training first!

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With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, Beijing Grish Hitech Co., Ltd. also started to resume production in the Year of the Ox.

 Before the resumption of production, the company's Safety and Environment Department organized all employees to conduct company-level, department-level and team-level "production safety education and training for resumption of work and production".

 To protect the occupational health and safety of employees and family happiness and peace, the implementation of relevant national laws and regulations, the company's safety production management rules and regulations, the requirements of individual citizens' legal obligations, to promote the steady and long-term development of GRISH and social harmony and stability.

Grish Employees Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Safety first, prevention and control combined

People-oriented, health and harmony

Compliance with regulations, continuous improvement

Grish's production safety target

0 safety incidents

100% safety responsibility implementation

100% safety education and training for all employees

100% correction of safety hazards

The "three violations" in production safety

Violation of rules and regulations

Violation of operation

Violation of conducting

Three main causes of non-safe production behavior

Not clear about the correct operation method

Knowing the correct method of operation, but omit the necessary steps in order to finish the work quickly

Operate according to their own habits

The most common factors affecting the safety of production Six kinds of workers' mental state

Self-expression mentality

"Experience" mentality

Fluke mentality

Herd mentality


Reverse psychology

Safety production "four musts"

Everyone must pay attention to safety

Must pay attention to safety in everything

Must pay attention to safety at all times

Must pay attention to safety everywhere

The seven characteristics of accidents








Safety protection "four have four must have"

There must be a cover for the hole

There must be a bar

There must be a wheel must have a cover

There must be a sleeve for the shaft

Five points of safe operation

Operating procedures

Organize, tidy up (mother of safety)

Inspection, maintenance (regular)

Short-time hazard forewarning (shift committee)

Hand signal call (i.e. hand signal)

Safety inspection "four checks"

Check the site, hidden danger

Check the idea

Check management

Check accident handling

Fire "four capabilities"

The ability to check and eliminate fire hazards

Ability to organize and put out the initial fire

Ability to organize evacuation and escape

Ability of fire prevention education and training

Safety accidents "four do not let go"

The cause of the accident is not investigated and not let go

Responsible personnel are not let go

corrective measures are not implemented

The personnel concerned are not educated not to let go

Supervisor safety management "six responsibilities"

Always check the safety condition of production equipment

Regularly check the plant and warehouse for fire hazards

Conduct daily production operation safety inspection

Preside over daily safety education work

Conduct accident investigation and treatment

Summarize lessons learned from accidents

Through this study, we will understand the hidden dangers, safety hazards, hazards and danger sources that may occur around us. Through actual case illustrations, employees can find and discover the safety hazard problems that may occur around them. Such as electric shock, fire, vehicle injuries, mechanical injuries and other safety hazards accidents. Learn to respond rationally: how to prevent hidden problems, how to avoid the harm caused by hidden dangers, and how to deal with hidden problems.

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