GRISH AO0.3 precision polishing tape

GRISH AO0.3 precision polishing tape

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GRISH AO0.3 aluminum oxide precision polishing tape is made by advanced technology of mixed precision manufacturing, advanced adhesive and graded abrasive particles to form a slurry that is evenly coated on high strength film. It can be applied to CF (color filter) repair polishing, hard disk disc polishing and magnetic head polishing. At present, it is mainly used in the field of CF repair polishing. 

CF is a very important component structure in TFT-LCD, and CF must have a flat and smooth surface before it can be used. Generally, CF microscopic defects include white dots, blending dots, protrusions and hole defects. For CF repair applications, GRISH AO0.3 aluminum oxide precision polishing tape is mainly used for repairing foreign objects and protrusion defects.

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of polishing process and polishing equipment (NTN) 

In the polishing equipment, there is a grinding head, two height sensors, a polishing belt running system and other components. The grinding head can be adjusted for pressure, and different materials can be polished by adjusting the pressure to achieve a good grinding effect. The grinding head can also be adjusted in height by means of a height sensor to control the grinding pressure and the grinding effect. The two main parameters, time and height, are adjusted to control the removal amount. During the polishing process, the height sensor scans the CF for stains and defective spots, and then controls the height and pressure of the grinding head to remove defects and stains and other undesirable spots.

Affect the following main influencing factors of aluminum oxide precision polishing tape: micron particle size and its distribution, the thickness of the tape base and polishing tape, polishing tape microscopic surface, polishing tape end cutting condition, etc. At present, the more common in the market of this type of product for the V company polishing tape, the following will be on some indicators GRISH.

AO0.3 precision polishing tape is described and compared with V polishing tape.

1. basic technical parameters and indicators

内容GRISH抛光带 V公司抛光带
粒度0.24-0.27 um0.22-0.26um
PET 带基厚度25±0.5 um25±0.5um
抛光带总厚度27-28.5 um27.5±1 um
抛光带轴心宽度12.7mm(+0.1mm/-0 mm )12.7mm(+0.1mm/-0 mm )

2. GRISH AO0.3 alumina precision polishing tape is made of micronized powder with concentrated particle size distribution and regular crystal shape, and the high quality raw material with strict control is the guarantee of high quality products.

Fig. 2 Particle size chart of micronized powder used in GRISH AO0.3 alumina precision polishing tape 

2. Smooth surface

In the SEM photos of the two products of both companies at 500 and 10K magnification, the surface of both products is smooth and flat, and there is a large similarity between the two products.

SEM photo of GRISH product SEM photo of V company's product

Figure 3 Microscopic comparison of polished tape from two companies

4. Good microscopy

In the SEM photos of the two products of the two companies at 50K magnification, the two products also exist in a large degree of similarity. The micro powder crystalline type used in our product is better.

In summary, we can conclude that our GRISH AO0.3 precision polishing tape is very similar to V's polishing tape in terms of product parameters and microscopic angles, and it is better than V's series products in many aspects. At present, many domestic and foreign LCD manufacturers have passed the test and used in Hitachi and some European manufacturers. Because GRISH AO0.3 precision polishing tape has many advantages such as good polishing effect, price advantage and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, the market share in LCD industry is gradually expanding.

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