The leap from "oil" to "water" - polishing film

The leap from "oil" to "water" - polishing film

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I. Introduction

In the optical fiber connector grinding, polishing process, the use of silica polishing pad for the final polishing process is an essential process. At present, the domestic fiber optic connector processing manufacturers use more than 90% of the polishing pad are imported products from Japan and the United States, and domestic manufacturers to design, develop and produce polishing pad products is still almost a blank. And now with the manufacturers of polishing film are solvent-based (i.e., oil-based) products, but because water-based silica in PET substrate film-forming properties are poor, making the formulation design and production difficulties, so it has not seen the water-based silica polishing film to the market.

With the progress of society and economic development, people's living standard is gradually improving, and at the same time, people's environmental protection concept and environmental protection consciousness are also increasing, people gradually realize the importance of protecting the earth environment on which human beings live, which is responsible for future generations on the one hand, and for their own physical and mental health on the other. Therefore, there is no era in the history of mankind like today so much expectation for environmentally friendly products, which has led to the use of various types of organic solvents produced before, are currently in transition to water-based products, such as the widely used coatings are currently working to transition to water-based products.

(hereinafter referred to as Guorisheng) decided to design and develop a kind of water-based silica polishing disc precisely to follow the trend of transition from "oil" to "water". The project has taken more than a year, and now finally developed successfully, and will gradually put on the market.

II. the advantages and disadvantages of water-based silica polishing film and ordinary solvent-based polishing film comparison

1, the impact on people and the environment

As we all know, the production of solvent-based polishing film used in organic solvents are volatile organic compounds (i.e. VOC), such as toluene, ethylbenzene, formaldehyde, methanol, ethylene glycol, etc., and these VOC can enter the human body through the respiratory tract or skin contact, therefore, the production process causes great harm to human health. Meanwhile, the volatilization of organic solvents causes pollution to the air environment. And the use of organic solvents after the waste liquid, waste residue, such as improper treatment of soil resources and water resources are very easy to cause pollution. And water-based polishing film due to the production process with water as the medium, its low-hazard low-pollution characteristics, in line with the development trend of safety and environmental protection.

2, raw material control

The main raw material required for the production of solvent-based polishing film is solvent-based silicone solvents, while the main raw material required for water-based polishing film is water-based silicone solvents. Solvent-based silicone solvents complex production process, the need for more types of raw materials, control difficulties and costs are much higher than water-based silicone solvents, so the stability of raw materials control and production costs of water-based polishing film has more advantages.

3, the use of effect

After a comparison test, it is found that the polishing life of Guorisheng water-based polishing film is longer than the common solvent-based polishing film on the market, about 1.2-1.5 times that of solvent-based polishing film, which has certain advantages. At the same time, its polishing force is stronger, can shorten 30%-100% of the polishing time, while the polishing yield is basically the same, making the work efficiency greatly improved at the same time, and disguised savings in work costs. For the increasingly severe cost pressure in the optical communication industry (where the polishing pad accounts for about 40% of the total cost of grinding and polishing consumables), this is undoubtedly one of the best gifts from Guorisheng to thank our customers. 

III. Summary

In summary, Guorisheng's water-based silica polishing film has greater advantages than solvent-based polishing film, although there are still some shortcomings to be improved, but the flaw does not cover up its advantages. I believe that, after continuous improvement, the performance of water-based polishing film will also have a greater improvement, if smooth to the market, will break the monopoly of imported products polishing film, fill the domestic gap, for China's optical communication users to bring practical benefits.

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