Grinding Consumables for Denture Processing and Restorative Dentistry

Grinding Consumables for Denture Processing and Restorative Dentistry

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The demand in the field of denture processing in China has been increasing in recent years, with 60-70% of the world's denture processing business in China.

Denture is a personalized and customized product, which is finely tailored to the patient's dental model. Especially, the concept of aesthetic restoration has been introduced, which requires denture not only to be usable, but also beautiful and comfortable. A large number of people need to be involved in the production process by hand, and the shape, specification, size and color of each one is different. Therefore, the grinding process is essential and particularly important in the denture processing.

Today I will briefly talk about the application of abrasive consumables in the denture process.

Due to the improvement of everyone's aesthetic level, zirconia denture has become the first choice. After the denture is shaped, it needs to go through multiple grinding and polishing to make the product with better aesthetic effect.

The denture processing process generally consists of the following steps.

Denture products have very high requirements for appearance, and Guorisheng's denture processing and polishing consumables can solve the polishing needs of different segments:.

Retouching and polishing of crowns and bridges

In the field of crown and bridge finishing and polishing, we recommend the zirconia polishing kit. The polished denture does not need to be re-glazed, so that the color of the zirconia material can be avoided when it is sintered again.

The product not only has a fast dressing speed, a uniform and delicate pattern after grinding with a large grit, and a bright and scratch-free polishing with a small grit, but also contains a cooling material with low heat production at high speed, and direct grinding and polishing without water cooling, with a polishing effect close to that of real teeth.

Figure 1 Guorisheng Zirconia Polishing Set

Fig. 2 Repair object - crown bridge

Figure 3 Grinding process

Dental restoration grinding and polishing

In the field of restorative dentistry, we recommend polishing strips and disc sets.

The abrasive strip for grinding and polishing teeth has a blank strip base in the middle for easy access to the teeth, with sand on one side and a smooth strip base on the other side, which will not cause damage to adjacent teeth. The product is tough and thin, not easy to deformation, good adhesion is not easy to lose sand, cutting force is high restoration efficiency.

Hose polishing disc and air eye polishing disc: connected to the metal drive shaft, inserted into the medical handpiece, high-speed rotation to repair the damaged tooth surface. The product has good adhesion and high cutting force, especially the rubber tube polishing disc has sand on both sides, repairing the lip and tongue at the same time, saving the doctor's restoration time.

Polishing strips & discs

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Polishing Machine