MicroLED technology route analysis(3)

MicroLED technology route analysis(3)

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Repair techniques are also very important. 

The final display of any display is expected to have a yield exceeding six sigma, i.e., no more than three bad dots in 10,000 pixels. 

The appearance of excess bad dots needs to be repaired. 

Because now there is no semiconductor process, any transfer process, can reach the six sigma yield. 

So repair is a necessary part of the process. In this link, how to improve the efficiency of repair and reduce costs is the key issue. 

At present, two different repair techniques are mainly proposed. 

One is redundant circuit repair, that is, make two or more redundant circuits, assuming that there is a bad circuit, then break it off and retransfer it once again. 

When a problem is detected, it is replaced. Another type of selective laser repair. 

When a bad spot is found, it is knocked out with a laser and then repositioned for repair.

Due to the time, there is not much mention of some subsequent driver circuits. 

Now the driver circuit, whether with TFT or CMOS, in the original LCD, OLED display still need to be readjusted to apply to the needs of the Micro-LED display, there is quite a lot of work to be done.



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