Basic knowledge of the classification and use of abrasives(3)

Basic knowledge of the classification and use of abrasives(3)

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3、Super hard series artificial abrasives

(1) Diamond (JR)

Diamond to stone black as raw materials, to certain metals or alloys for catalyst, in high temperature (1000 - 2000 ℃), high pressure (557 - 608Mpa), so that the graphite structure into diamond structure and become. Diamond is known to be the hardest substance with high compressive strength, good thermal conductivity, chemical stability, wear resistance, and strong cutting ability.

Diamond can be divided into JR1, JR2, JR3, JR4, JR5 five grades, their characteristics and uses are as follows.

1. JR1 type: the crystal is mostly needle-like, rough crystalline surface, used for manufacturing resin bonded diamond abrasives, mainly for carbide, ceramics, glass and hard-to-grind materials fine grinding process, good processing effect, the surface light diffuse no margin high, sometimes also used for semi-fine grinding, but not suitable for heavy-duty grinding.

2. JR2 type: most of the crystals are equipartite, suitable for manufacturing metal bond and ceramic bond diamond grinding tools. It can bear a large load, used for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding carbide and non-metallic materials, also can cut optical glass, gemstones, high hard rock, etc.

3. JR3 type: the crystal is more complete, the crystal surface is smooth, the compressive strength is high, it is used for manufacturing metal bonded geological drill, dressing tools and cutting tools, etc.

4. JR4: complete crystals, higher compressive strength than JR3, used in the manufacture of geological drill bits, dressing tools and cutting tools, etc.

5. JR5: The particles are light yellow or light yellow-green, mostly transparent and impurity-free complete eight-sided crystals with high strength, suitable for manufacturing cutting saw blades, drilling bits and dressing tools, etc., used for processing hard and brittle non-metallic materials.

(2) Cubic boron nitride

Cubic boron nitride to hexagonal boron nitride as raw material, minus metal or alkaline earth metals or their nitrides as catalyst, under high pressure and high temperature transformation into cubic crystal boron nitride. This transformation is similar to the transformation of graphite into diamond.

Cubic boron nitride is a new type of super hard abrasive, its hardness is second only to diamond, and thermal stability, chemical stability are better than diamond, especially for iron group metals, good chemical inertness, not easy to react with steel, grinding both hard and tough steel has a unique advantage, wear resistance than ordinary abrasive 30 - 40 times higher, in the processing of high-speed steel, alloy steel When processing high speed steel, alloy steel, heat resistant steel, its working capacity exceeds the working capacity of diamond abrasives. It can also be used for grinding carbide and non-metallic materials.


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