In vitro mechanical experiments and finite element analysis of functional porcelain veneer restorations with different tooth preparation designs for maxillary premolar teeth

In vitro mechanical experiments and finite element analysis of functional porcelain veneer restorations with different tooth preparation designs for maxillary premolar teeth

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External fracture damage experiments were combined with finite element analysis to investigate the effects of five types of tooth preparation designs, including four different functional veneer tooth preparation designs, and a control group of full-crown tooth preparation, on the mechanical properties of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic restorations of maxillary premolar teeth.

METHODS: Specimens and finite element models were constructed for O-, OF-, POF-, and POFP-type functional veneer and full-crown preparation designs, and for lithium disilicate glass-ceramic restorations of isolated teeth.

The specimens were fatigue loaded and then pressurized along the long axis of the tooth until the restoration failed, and the fracture load at the time of failure was recorded, and the failure mode was observed by stereomicroscopy for statistical analysis.


Fracture morphology analysis of representative failed specimens. Finite element analysis was performed to record the magnitude and distribution of the maximum principal stresses in the restorations.

RESULTS: The results showed that the fracture loads were higher for O-type functional veneers than for POF-type, POFP-type functional veneers and full crowns, and higher for OF-type functional veneers than for full crowns, with statistically significant differences in the results.

The specimens were observed to fail mainly by porcelain block debonding fracture under the body microscope. Scanning electron microscopy observed that the failure of the specimens mainly originated from the tissue side of the restoration.


The maximum principal stress values for the O-, OF-, POF-, POFP-type functional veneer and full-crown restoration models increased sequentially, with the peak values distributed on the tissue surface of the restoration below the loading zone.

Conclusion: The fracture loads of maxillary premolar teeth restored with different tooth preparation designs and lithium disilicate glass-ceramic functional veneers were higher than those of full-crown restorations, and all of them exceeded the normal masticatory forces in the human posterior region.

Hint: Functional porcelain veneers can replace full-crown designs as a more minimally invasive means of tooth preparation for restoration of severely worn teeth. 


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