Meet you at the 2021 China Semiconductor Materials Industry Development (Kaihua) Summit (Oct. 27-30)

Meet you at the 2021 China Semiconductor Materials Industry Development (Kaihua) Summit (Oct. 27-30)

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Dear members and related units:

"Thirty years of wind and rain, thirty years of spring and autumn". Since its establishment in Tianjin in 1991, the Semiconductor Materials Branch has been carrying the historical responsibility of semiconductor materials development in China, serving its members, the government and the semiconductor materials industry. Since its establishment in Tianjin in 1991, the Semiconductor Materials Branch has been carrying the historical responsibility of the development of semiconductor materials in China.

 The year 2021 is a joyful year worthy of commemoration and celebration. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the branch, the development of China's semiconductor materials industry has also ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity. In order to further promote the government, industry, academia, research and use of collaborative innovation, communication and cooperation, to help the rapid, healthy and orderly development of China's semiconductor materials industry, the branch is scheduled to be held in October 27-30, 2021 in Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province, "2021 China Semiconductor Materials Industry Development (Kaihua) Summit, and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Semiconductor Materials Branch to celebrate the General Assembly ". With the theme of "Thirty years of hard work, seize the opportunity to show the future", the conference will review the 30-year history of the association, focus on the first generation, second generation, third generation semiconductor materials and other technologies, industry status and development trends and industry hot issues to carry out active and extensive exchanges and discussions, seize the rare opportunity to strengthen and expand China's semiconductor materials industry. Semiconductor materials industry.




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