Meet you at the Changsha Seminar on Carbon Materials for Semiconductors (October 21-22)

Meet you at the Changsha Seminar on Carbon Materials for Semiconductors (October 21-22)

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Semiconductor industry is an important basic and pioneering industry, the material basis of the new round of industrial revolution, the support and guarantee of strategic emerging industries and high-end manufacturing, and the key area of high technology competition among countries. As an indispensable key auxiliary material in the production of semiconductor silicon single crystal and downstream etching, epitaxy and other processes, high purity graphite, carbon/carbon composites and other carbon materials play an important role in the semiconductor industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's semiconductor industry, the market demand for these materials has increased rapidly, and higher requirements for manufacturing technology and quality have been put forward, which undoubtedly provides great opportunities for the upgrading of traditional carbon material enterprises.

The participants highly praised the lecture and discussion contents of the first two seminars on carbon materials for semiconductors, which greatly promoted the technical exchange among peers, better promoted the combination of industry-academia-research, and strengthened the deep integration between upstream and downstream industry chains.

Conference Topics

Competition and Fusion of C/C Composites with Fine Structured Graphite

-- Prof. Hongbo Liu, Hunan University

Application of nuclear graphite materials in high temperature gas-cooled reactors

-- Prof. Xiangwen Zhou, Tsinghua University

Research on N-type large-size thermal field materials

--Hao Deng, Longi Green Energy Technology Co.

Current Situation and Future Prospects of Broadband Semiconductor Industry

--Ltd. Li Wan-Teel, Director

Research on preparation and industrialization of silicon carbide powder   

--Li Bin, General Manager, Shanxi Shuo Ke Crystal Co.

Research and technology progress of SiC single crystal substrate for third generation semiconductor

--Liu Chunjun, Vice President, Beijing Tianke Heda Semiconductor Co.

Carbon/carbon composite materials and their applications in photovoltaic industry

--Li Jun, Chief Engineer, Hunan Jinbo Carbon Co.

Advances in high efficiency manufacturing technology and application of carbon based high temperature composites

--Xiaojun Wu, Researcher, Xi'an Institute of Aerospace Composites

Progress in the Development of Large-Scale Isostatic Graphite

--Gang Zhu, Vice President of Technology, Chengdu Carbon Co.

Preparation of isostatic graphite and its application

--Jinping Liu, Vice General Manager, Hunan Changyu Technology Development Co.

PECVD graphite boat material and processing

--Gang Wang, Chief Engineer, Shanghai Hongfeng Industrial Co.

In preparation

--Xinhua Chen, General Manager, Hunan Le Orange New Material Technology Co.

Development trend of single crystal hot field materials

--Jian Zhou (Chief Expert), Shanghai Dingtai Wanbang Materials Co.

Key performance regulation research of SiC coating

--Wang Yang, General Manager, Hunan Dezhi New Materials Co.

Status and trends of key carbon-based materials and thermal equipment applied in the preparation of third-generation semiconductors

--Hunan Toplite Technology Co., Ltd. Hu Xianglong, Vice General Manager

Application of silicon carbide precursors in carbon materials

--Beijing Nastek Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. Zhou Xidong General Manager

Application of full series of diamond coated tools in carbon materials

--Wei Li, General Manager, Dongguan Nanowell New Material Technology Co.

Research and application of digital intelligent mixing and kneading technology and products in the production of fine grain graphite

--Ltd Yuan Jinhua International Business Manager


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