GRISH General Manager Ms. Wang Jianying interviewed by Fiber Online

GRISH General Manager Ms. Wang Jianying interviewed by Fiber Online

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On September 16, the first day of the Optical Fair, Coco, the editor of Fiber Optic Online, came to the booth of Beijing Guorisheng Technology Co., Ltd. for an interview with the leading domestic grinding and polishing consumables company for optical communication.



01  20 years of deep plowing in optical communication, rooted in high precision grinding and polishing technology

Founded in 2001, Guorisheng Technology is the same age as Fiber Online, and has been deeply rooted in the optical communication industry for 20 years. For 20 years, we have been focusing on high precision grinding and polishing technology, providing ultra-precision grinding and polishing materials, grinding processes, and grinding equipment for fiber optic connector companies. "Although we have been deeply involved in the industry for 20 years, we will continue to pay close attention to the optical communication industry in the future, and constantly carry out product improvement and new product development to meet the high-end needs of customers in the grinding and polishing process. In recent years, in addition to the field of optical communication, Guorisheng business has also been expanded in other consumer electronics and semiconductor industries, and the company currently employs more than 200 people, with revenue of nearly 100 million yuan in 2020, of which the optical communication field accounts for about 30%." Mr. Wang said to the editor when introducing the company.

Currently China has built the world's largest information and communication network, fiber optic access users accounted for 93%, ranking first in the world, driven by the demand for high-speed development, the production process will also have higher requirements in terms of precision and quality. In such macro conditions, I believe that not only this year, the next few years China's optical communication market are opportunities and challenges, for companies willing to pursue higher goals, the prospects are very promising, so we Guorisheng will also grow together with the industry, rooted in high precision grinding and polishing. Mr. Wang added.

During the exhibition, we exhibited our newly developed and improved polishing equipment at booth 8D12 in Hall 8, such as the Guerisheng center pressurized polishing machine for MPO and the four corner pressurized polishing machine for single core fiber.

02  Continuously increase investment in research and development to truly achieve the full localization of grinding and polishing

Guoruisheng is the earliest enterprise in domestic polishing materials, talking about the progress in grinding and polishing technology in the past 20 years, Mr. Xu said: At present, after 20 years of development, domestic grinding and polishing consumables have made a qualitative leap, as far as the optical communication industry is concerned, de-gumming - rough grinding - fine grinding - polishing, domestic consumables have basically replace the foreign imported products, no difference compared with foreign countries, no matter the performance index or after-sales service. Based on the company's accumulation over the years, the current products can achieve long grinding life, good grinding consistency, high grinding rate, stable product quality control, timely delivery, after-sales service, strong technical support capabilities, etc., to meet the customer's high-end demand for precision grinding and polishing has become the top priority of Guorisheng over the years.

In order to achieve full localization and break the monopoly position of the product in the current market, over the years, Guoruisheng in the field of grinding and polishing in the spirit of talent first, equipment leading, product first, and constantly increase investment in research and development, has accumulated a wealth of experience and first-hand information, the product has been recognized by customers, but Guoruisheng people did not stop there, but also adhere to the subconscious research and development and technical improvement, for the majority of domestic manufacturers no longer The product has been recognized by customers, but Guoruisheng people do not stop there, but also adhere to the research and development and technical improvement, for the majority of domestic manufacturers no longer subject to foreign products and unremitting efforts. Xu explained to Fiber Optic Online: In the final polishing process of fiber optic connector products, the current polishing film products provided by Guoruisheng has been able to meet the needs of many customers, but with the development of the industry and technological advances, the company foresees that the customer demand for polishing will continue to improve, so the development of better polishing products to provide a more universal polishing process, is the company's current and future period of time work focus.



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Winning with quality and service in the face of domestic competition

When asked by the editor about the current competition situation of localized consumables, Mr. Xu analyzed: After nearly 20 years of development in the domestic market environment, if we say that Guorisheng has transformed from nothing to something, other domestic manufacturers have embodied the process from something to many. The rise of domestic brands is conducive to the development of the industry, the existence of friendly business is also a constant reminder of our courage to meet the challenges, how to enhance the core competitiveness in this healthy competition is always a major issue for us.

 For such a set of R & D production and sales in the enterprise, the most core competitiveness is the ability to develop products, then for this point, Guorisheng has been actively attracting high-end professionals, constantly expanding the R & D team, improve the overall R & D capabilities, and increase investment in new product development. At the same time, in order to better solve the actual problems of customers, we also set up their own technical support team, product manager team, into the customer site, deep participation in the industry customer's project cooperation, and constantly optimize the polishing process, comprehensive customer service, help customers succeed, to build a high-end brand of domestic ultra-precision grinding and polishing! Winning with good quality and excellent service!

 In the future, Guorisheng will also continue to support customers' development as a reliable business partner and problem solving expert under the vision of becoming a global leader in grinding and polishing materials, and strive to create more value and touch for customers, while also contributing to the Chinese manufacturing industry.



Ltd. was established in June 2001, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and operation of ultra-precision grinding and polishing materials in China, and is a pioneer in the industry with a number of international and domestic independent intellectual property rights, many years of experience in product technology development and many customer applications.

GRISH provides customers with specialized and customized grinding and polishing solutions, as well as a variety of complementary and serialized precision grinding and polishing material products, processes and equipment, focusing on solving customers' high-end needs of ultra-precision grinding and polishing, and helping customers succeed!

Its ultra-precision polishing film & polishing tape, electrostatic flocking abrasive tape & polishing tape, 3D three-dimensional bump abrasive, single crystal & polycrystalline & polycrystalline like - diamond micro powder and corresponding abrasive solution, CMP polishing solution, abrasive additives and other ultra-precision polishing consumables developed and produced by GRISH are widely used in optical communication, automotive, semiconductor, LED, sapphire, ceramics, LCD, 3C electronics, rollers, oral medicine and other industries, and have been exported to many countries and regions such as USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, etc.


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