Grish Successfully Exhibited at China Optical Industry Expo (CIOE 2021)

Grish Successfully Exhibited at China Optical Industry Expo (CIOE 2021)

2022-05-24 13:35:37 3

Extremely influential and business opportunities of the twenty-third China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE 2021) gathering convergence of optoelectronic hard-core technology on September 16-18, 2021 in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall), covering information and communications, precision optics, lenses and camera modules, laser, infrared, ultraviolet, sensing and other industry chains, more than 3,000 optoelectronic companies worldwide with innovative technologies and More than 3,000 optoelectronic companies from all over the world will bring their innovative technologies and products to the industry. The scale of the exhibition reached 160,000 square meters, with 3,010 exhibitors, 89,925 visitors and 148,030 visitors over the three days.


Grish as the main exhibitor of the optical fair, by the general manager Wang Jianying, deputy general manager Zhao Minghui, South China, East China Division Director Xu Jingjiao, Du Shanjiang with optical communication field grinding and polishing R & D, sales engineers in Hall 8 D12 collective appearance, by the organizers, exhibitors and the community's extensive attention.

Optical fiber online as a long-standing media partner, in the knowledge that the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Guorisheng and coincided with the optical fair, specially sent editor Coco to conduct a brief interview with our company! (Interview content will be published separately)


GRISHThe exhibition site through the novel electronic album, eye-catching display exhibits, clear grinding process introduction and other ways to promote our company in optical communications grinding and polishing, semiconductor materials grinding and polishing, optical crystal grinding and polishing and other applications of important results, focusing on the display of Guorisheng "MPO optical fiber grinding and polishing process, Mini/Micro-LED semiconductor substrate materials grinding and polishing process, precision optical crystal components grinding and polishing process, as well as the newly developed chip flip soldering process in the cleaning process", and the corresponding supporting supplies. Grinding and polishing process, precision optical crystal components grinding and polishing process, as well as the latest research and development of chip flip soldering process in the cleaning process", as well as the corresponding supporting consumables, and received a lot of visitors directed to consult and negotiate. The latest polishing equipment developed by China Ruisheng - the four corner pressurized fiber optic grinding machine and the center pressurized fiber optic grinding machine attracted many professional visitors to observe and learn and exchange.



Optical Expo comprehensively showcased the innovative products and technologies of optoelectronic technology in emerging application fields such as F5G, smart cars, semiconductor chips, 3D vision, sensors, smart security, AR/VR, robotics, smart home, cameras, etc., highlighting the key role and strong vitality of optoelectronic technology as a strong supporting technology. More than 70 conferences were also held, including industry forums (communication, optics, laser, infrared), CIOE and YOLE international high-end forums (LIDAR, silicon photonics, 3D sensing), Light + Application Forum (AR/VR, 3D vision, robotics, smart cars, etc.) and OGC Global Optoelectronics Conference, reflecting the increasingly close integration of CIOE in academia and industry, giving full play to The exhibition new technology leading role to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of domestic optoelectronic industry.

From industry to terminal, CIOE China Optical Expo creates value with connection, and uses exhibition activities as a pulling hand to precisely match optoelectronic technology with nine application fields, such as communication, consumer electronics, advanced manufacturing, semiconductor, defense and security, medical, sensing and test measurement, energy, lighting and display, to create communication and interoperability between industry and application.


Ltd. was established in June 2001, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and operation of ultra-precision grinding and polishing materials in China, and is a pioneer in the industry with a number of international and domestic independent intellectual property rights, many years of experience in product technology development and many customer applications.

GRISH provides customers with specialized and customized grinding and polishing solutions, as well as a variety of complementary and serialized precision grinding and polishing material products, processes and equipment, focusing on solving customers' high-end needs of ultra-precision grinding and polishing, and helping customers succeed!

Its ultra-precision polishing film & polishing tape, electrostatic flocking abrasive tape & polishing tape, 3D three-dimensional bump abrasive, single crystal & polycrystalline & polycrystalline like - diamond micro powder and corresponding abrasive solution, CMP polishing solution, abrasive additives and other ultra-precision polishing consumables developed and produced by GRISH are widely used in optical communication, automotive, semiconductor, LED, sapphire, ceramics, LCD, 3C electronics, rollers, oral medicine and other industries, and have been exported to many countries and regions such as USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, etc.


With specialized, serialized and

matching and customized products.

Precise service to help customers succeed!

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