GRISH® Exhibited successfully at Sino-Dental 2021

GRISH® Exhibited successfully at Sino-Dental 2021

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On June 12, 2021, the 4-day China International Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition and Technology Exchange (Sino-Dental 2021, also known as Beijing International Dental Exhibition), jointly organized by the Center for International Exchange and Cooperation of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Chinese Dental Association and Peking University School of Dentistry, came to a successful conclusion. The organizing committee would like to thank all the friends from all over the world for the wonderful Sino-Dental, which cannot be achieved without the support of the industry and the company along the way. The organizing committee sincerely hopes that this exhibition can bring you harvest and inspiration, promote communication and cooperation, and create value for the dental industry partners!

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The domestic epidemic prevention and control situation is stable and improving, and the new development pattern of double cycle is accelerating to build, with this new wind of development, the 26th Beijing International Dental Exhibition rides on the momentum, enriching the exhibition content, innovative service methods, providing huge business opportunities and strong vitality for the dental industry. The 4-day exhibition is packed with people every day and the site is full of excitement. This exhibition covers an area of 50,000+ square meters, 5 official pavilions, 900+ brand enterprises bringing 100+ new products and technologies exchange sessions, and more than 100 cutting-edge professional academic activities covering orthodontics, implants, orthodontics, endodontics, hospitalization prevention and control. (Among them, more than 200 enterprises from Germany, Japan, the United States, Korea, Switzerland, etc. participate in the form of pavilions)

The "Chrysanthemum in the Mountain, Building Dreams" children's oral health public welfare project, jointly initiated by the National Center for International Exchange and Cooperation of the National Health Commission and the China Dental Foundation, was launched during the exhibition to raise funds to thank everyone who contributed. The money raised will be used for the "Daisies in the Mountains" children's oral health public welfare project in Yonghe County, Shanxi Province in September this year.

Beijing Grish Hitech Co., Ltd. and Panjin Grish Hite Co., Ltd. as exhibitors of Sino-Dental 2021, the director of Grish New Research Division with R & D, sales in Hall 6 W exhibition area collective appearance, by the organizers, exhibitors and the community's wide attention.

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Through series of exhibits and clear demonstration of polishing application, we will introduce our self-developed, manufactured and sold zirconia polishing sets for denture and polishing sets of polishing strips & discs for composite resin.

GRISH® Zirconia polisher kit is suitable for full zirconia denture restorations. The high diamond content allows for efficient polishing and no glazing is required after polishing. Process description: redyellowwhite

GRISH®Zirconia polisher kit product appearance


 GRISH®Zirconia Polishier Kit Product Specifications


GRISH®Zirconia Polisher Kit Products Product Features


Polishing effect close to real teeth, bright and scratch-free


Polishing all polishing materials can be 135 ℃ high pressure steam sterilization


The polishing trimming speed is fast, the grain is even and delicate, containing cooling material, low heat production under high speed, no water cooling direct grinding and polishing

GRISH®Zirconia polisher kit product use (part of the schematic)


GRISH® Dental polishing strip and disk are used for the dressing and polishing of composite resin, glass ionomer and porcelain restorative forms, distinguishing the coarseness of the grit by color. Color specifications can be customized. The order of use is: purpleblue greenpink, depending on the dentist's usage habits.

GRISH®product appearance of Dental polishing strip and disk


GRISH® Dental Polishing strip and disk product specifications


(Note: In addition to the above specifications, customized products can be provided according to specific needs)

GRISH® Dental Polishing strip and disk Product Features


Soft and safe, will not cause damage or staining of composite resin restorations


Ultra-thin, tough, and tightly fitted to teeth


The polishing strip has a blank strip base in the middle for easy access to the teeth


Single-layer sand, uniform coating thickness, fast and time-saving polishing


Recommended speed 5000~10000 rpm, contact pressure 0.3~0.6N

GRISH® Use of Dental polishing strip and disk products (partial illustration)

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