GRISH® Vice President Cichunyan appeared in Zhongguancun Science City Cloud Promotion Live

GRISH® Vice President Cichunyan appeared in Zhongguancun Science City Cloud Promotion Live

2021-07-23 14:15:53 25

Zhongguancun Science City Cloud Promotion---- Voice for good products

Zhongguancun Science City cloud promotion "online live" activity, under the guidance of Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee, organized by Zhongguancun Exhibition Center and Zhongguancun Exhibition and Service Industry Alliance. For the enterprise "muscle", expand sales channels, do a good job of technology docking, to promote the development of enterprises. By the end of 2020 there are 130 enterprises and 450 projects participating, with a cumulative reading of more than 200 million times and a cooperation intention of more than 3 billion yuan.

In this issue, we have invited five experts. They are bringing their excellent products and ideas to the audience:

1. Cichunyan ,Vice General Manager of Grish  

2. Zhao Jianping, General Manager of Baoan Kang 

3. Xiao Yehan, Marketing Director of Tongbiao Standard 

4. Yu Tao, General Manager of Zhiyuan Jiade 

5. Yang Huiyan, Project Director of Hexagonal Mirror 


 Beijing Grish Hitech Co., Ltd.


 Cichunyan ,Vice General Manager of Grish 

In the 1960s,The "electrostatic sanding process research" of the "Three Grinding Institute"

had a great impact on China's coated abrasives industry.

Constrained by the precision control process and advanced adhesive technology

The precision electrostatic sanding products with polyester film as the base only rely on imports.

Beijing Grish Hitech Co., Ltd

Has been committed to building domestic independent brand - GRISH®

Focusing on the research,development and production of ultra-precision grinding and polishing products, such as

Ultra-precision polishing film, electrostatic sanding and polishing tape

Monocrystalline polycrystalline diamond micro powder and grinding liquid

and many other ultra-precision polishing materials.

Not only the product performance is comparable to international brands

and the cost performance is more advantageous than similar foreign products

It is the pioneer in nano-polishing industry to produce such products in China

Products & Applications

Relying on the advantages of excellent talent, technology research and development, customized solutions, timely service, etc.

Grish has not only accumulated a number of loyal customer groups offline.

Grish is also actively laying out e-commerce operations.

GRISH Official Online Shop at Alibaba

In the next 2-5 years, Grish will further increase polishing pads, MPO polishing consumables, fiber optic grinders,

sand-planting grinding belt, crankshaft/camshaft polishing machine and other new products.

In the management philosophy of combining Taoism art and amoeba management practice,

Grish will achieve a higher level of steady and rapid development!

Zhongguancun Exhibition and Service Industry Alliance.

The Alliance promotes the development of science and technology industry by building a bridge between the government and enterprises, promotes the communion of science and technology with culture, art and exhibition, focuses on science and technology innovation and scientific thinking questions, and inspires and explores many possibilities of future production and lifestyle with the power of combining science and technology with creativity.

The Alliance will break the boundaries of industries and regions, change the way of pure physical display, integrate various resources across borders, and build a whole process innovation service platform for science and technology exhibition, which is an important link of the industrial innovation ecosystem in Zhongguancun. At the same time, the Alliance is the first to propose the theoretical system of "Science and Technology Exhibition" in China and conducts in-depth practical research.

Zhongguancun Exhibition Center.

Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition and Trade Center is located in the east side of the Summer Palace covering an area of 58,880 square meters, with a total construction area of 47,486 square meters, of which 16,000 square meters are displayed in the exhibition center, divided into a permanent exhibition area of 10,000 square meters and a temporary exhibition area of 6,000 square meters. The conference center has a construction area of 21,000 square meters. The main function is to integrate exhibition, education and training, results display and conference forum. The whole building is composed of two parts: the exhibition center and the conference center.

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