Elaboration of GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll

Elaboration of GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll

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Brief description of GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll

with the help of high voltage electrostatic field force, the micro abrasives are planted on the high strength film, so that the abrasives can be directed and evenly distributed, which can provide higher grinding efficiency and bright and detailed mirror surface effect. Abrasive types include aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, diamond, etc., to meet the processing requirements of different hardness workpieces.

Composition of GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll


Concentrated particle size distribution, sharp surface and high cutting capacity for longer lasting cutting power

Film substrates 

High tensile strength, good surface flatness, oil and water resistance


Advantages of GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll

Excellent consistency                

Consistent grinding from the first to the last part

No scratching        

Concentrated abrasive particle size distribution for less scratching

Wet and dry use                

Polyester film-based dry and wet grinding without shrinkage and deformation

No slippage                

The back side is equipped with anti-slip layer, not easy to slip after the machine

High efficiency                    

Thinner and longer, reduce the number of changes and improve efficiency

Category of GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll

GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll Abrasive types includes aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, diamond, etc.


GRISH® Diamond Ultrafine Polishing Tape

GRISHSilicon Carbide GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll


Diamond GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll


Aluminum Oxide GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll


GRISH GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll with Serration (scalloped film roll)

New Products of GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll 

(Diamond & Silicon Carbide--new particle size and new specifications)

Applications of  GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll

Automotive Parts


Engine parts (pictures from the Internet)



(pictures from the Internet)



(pictures from the Internet)

Gear shafts (transmission parts)


(pictures from the Internet)

polishing Camshaft, crankshaft, gear shaft  - GRISH® Aluminum Oxide Microfinishing Film Roll are recommended for your needs.

Roller making industry

Stainless steel rollers


(Image from the network)

polishing Stainless steel rollers - GRISH® Aluminum Oxide Microfinishing Film Roll are recommended for your needs.

Electroplating Metal Rollers


Mirror Effect recommendation - GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll with Aluminum Oxide Abrasive

60μm→30μm→15μm→9μm→1μm (flocked-pile polishing film)

Polishing effect can reach up to 14 grades of finish, Ra≤0.01μm


Rubber Roller


(Image from the network)

Polishing Rubber roller  - Recommend GRISH® Silicon Carbide Microfinishing Film Roll

Printing rollers (gravure rollers)


(Image from the network)

Polishing Gravure roller  - Recommend GRISH® Aluminum Oxide Microfinishing Film Roll 

Superhard Ceramic Materials

Metal Ceramic Corrugator Roll


(Image from the network)

Polishing Metal Ceramic Corrugator Roller --Recommended GRISH® Diamond Microfinishing Film Roll

Metallic ceramic anilox rollers


Polishing Metallic ceramic anilox rollers --Recommended GRISH® Diamond Microfinishing Film Roll

Why choose GRISH® Microfinishing Film Roll?

★Strict product quality control

★Long product life, low comprehensive economic cost

★High standard polishing effect, the highest degree of finish up to 14, Ra (minimum can be) ≤ 0.01μm, a high level of peer recognition.

★Not easy to produce scratches, improve the efficiency of the finished product.

★Professional and efficient, warm and thoughtful Grish technical support and service team is always on standby.

★Focus on precision polishing materials for twenty years - good long-term good faith management, the spirit of contract to practice together!

★Regular customer satisfaction visits, your suggestions and comments are vital to Guorisheng!

★Inamori philosophy of management, Grish continue to strive for excellence, research and production and product attitude, to provide you with accurate products and services to help you succeed!

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