GRISH® successfully exhibited at CIMT 2021!

GRISH® successfully exhibited at CIMT 2021!

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CIMT2021 Comes to a Successful End!

The Total Number of Attendance is More than 200,000

CIMT2021(The 17th China International Machine Tool Show) was successfully concluded on April 17th, exhibitors and visitors were reluctant to leave the venue. Here is the total number of attendance, please pay attention to the follow-up comprehensive report of the CIMT2021.

April 12th, the CIMT2021 show has granted opened, which is long expected by the industry, people from all sides gathered in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). Many booths are packed with visitors, and everyone can't wait to learn about the latest exhibits and technologies as soon as possible.

According to the data of the access control system of China International Exhibition Center(New Venue), the total number of attendance 

was 200,017 during April 12-17. 

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the domestic and overseas personnel exchanges were restricted, especially the purchasers from 

South Korea, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, and China Taiwan region, which accounted for a high proportion of overseas visitors in the past, 

decreased significantly, resulting in an 11.74% drop in the total number of entering the venue compared with the same period before the pandemic, 

however, the intuitive feeling of exhibitors and visitors was that the CIMT2021 show was more popular than expected. 

At the same time, under the requirements of COVID-19 pandemic prevention, the visitors were adopted by the real-name system, 

and the exhibitors felt that the quality of the visitors has been greatly improved.

The opening of CIMT2021 as scheduled has undoubtedly brought more expectations and attracted friends from all sides. According to a preliminary 

understanding, various user industries and enterprises in domestic and overseas trade systems have sent professional purchasing groups, and they all come 

directly with purchasing tasks. Besides the professional media in the industry, many representatives of news media came to the exhibition, such as Xinhua News 

Agency, CCTV, and Economy Daily also sent reporters to interview the exhibition, which reflected their concern for the entity industry and the machine tool 

and equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, representatives of finance, security, and other fields paid more attention to the machine tool 

industry as well.

Beijing Grish Hitech Co., Ltd. and Bejing Grish Machine Technology Co., Ltd. (Super Precision Finishing Equipments) as exhibitors of CIMT 2021, by Gangwei Yan, Director of Grish Abrasive Belt Division, and Yongbin Zhang, General Manager of Grish Machine Technology with R & D, sales and technical support engineers in the E6.A616--Abrasives & Superabrasives exhibition area collectively, which received wide attention from the organizers, exhibitors, and the community.

On the exhibition site, GRISH introduced the important achievements of grinding & polishing products such as electrostatic flocking/sanding abrasive belt/film roll and ultrafine polishing belt/tape in the application fields of automobile engines, crankshafts, camshafts, gear shafts, etc. and industrial rollers, such as rubber rollers, mirror rollers, ceramic rollers, gravure rollers, stainless steel rollers, and electroplated metal rollers by means of video promo, series of exhibits and clear introduction of polishing applications, focusing on Grish's "The important achievements of Grish in crankshaft/camshaft/roller polishing materials, micro-motor industry polishing materials, sapphire/LED chip/optical crystal polishing materials, and LCD panel cleaning and polishing materials were presented. "LCD panel cleaning and polishing materials", "semiconductor material polishing materials", "new electrostatic sanding abrasive belt", which triggered many professional visitors to stop their steps to consult, exchange, and negotiate. At the same time, they actively discussed the new progress in the field of machine workpiece grinding & polishing.

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