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GRISH Jobs and Career

GRISH is an international company active in the field of ultra-precision polishing materials & consumables production, research & development with its headquarter Which located at the Beijing beautiful northern City as well capital of China.
Grish with more than 200 employees covering a broad spectrum of professional profiles are active in the administrative and sales/marketing offices as well as in the manufacturing facilities, R&D, and Quality divisions.
GRISH have 3 factories & 1 overseas subsidiary 2 domestic sells offices and several distribution partners worldwide. In such a well-connected, international environment our employees, especially in R&D and Sales, operate in a challenging and diverse atmosphere, giving them the opportunity to use their technical and linguistics skills. GRISH is constantly looking for motivated, versatile and reliable employees, whose know-how and competencies are the foundations of the company's success.

Tel: 86-10-5165 3168 
Fax: 86-10-8289 0973


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