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2022-05-20 Worldwide 100 Discuss face by face

Our company sincerely recruits sales agents from all over the world in order to broaden distribution channel. Welcome the companies who intend to engage in agency work and meet the following requirements to contact with us.

Tel: 010-51653168 

Fax: 010-82890973


To apply for an agent of our company, you should meet the following requirements:

1.Independent legal personality qualification.

2.Strong financial strength and business reputation.

3.Great market basis and sales ability in the application industry of the agent products.

4.Relatively complete distribution channel, good sales performance and customer relationship of similar products.

5.Ability to provide perfect expansion plan, marketing plan, market management and customer information.

6.Excellent product matching ability.

7.Ability to provide after-sales service to end-users with the support of our company.

8.Strictly abide by the terms of cooperation.

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