• Fiber Optic

    Grish can provide total solution to the polishing of fiber optical connectors, patch cord,fiber array, MT connectors,metal connetors,pigtail with our precise lapping film and polishing slurry.

  • Sapphire Wafer

    Grish is dedicated to provide best solution to the sapphire wafer processing. We can provide different material to different steps during polishing process of sapphire wafer.

  • Micro Motor

    The commutator of Micro Motor is easy to be oxidated during using that is why we need to polish that by our AO polishing tape before it is sold.After polishing, the benefit is less vibration and noise as well as extending the life of Micro Motor.

  • LCD Panel

    GRISH polishing fabric is applied to clean the TFT-LCD panel during the Cell process before the polarized film attached, such as sealing resin, dust, contamination and glass cullet.

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