① Silicon Carbide Substrate Polishing Solution

Grish New Polishing Process: Using the new Rough and Ultrafine Polishing Liquid, the Rough Polishing can be processed after Double Side Lapping. Ultrafine Polishing only need 120mins. Finally achieving high quality surface polishing result. The polishing efficiency has been highly improved.


② InP/GaAs Material Polishing Solution

Semiconductor Composite material GaAs and InP is foundational material for Microelectronics & Photoelectron application ,InP as second general of typical Semiconductor material features high light and electro conversion efficiency, high electron Mobility, high working temperature, better anti-radiation property, widely applied in optical communication, High frequency MMW, Solar Energy battery for Outer space etc high tech industries. 5G network property High frequency & High transmitting Speed will need better working performance for RF Module, which will need the Semiconductor meterial to have higher eletron Mobility and higher temperature working property. The signal receiver and amplifier made from InP material is able to work on so high frequency above 1000GHz,meanwhile with so wide broadband, highly working stability. Therefore, in 5G era, InP will be major foundational material for RF module of terminal device and base transceiver station , the market for InP is booming up. 

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③ AlN / SiN Heat Dissipation Substrate Polishing Solution

Grish polishing process for AlN/SiN Heat Dissipation Substrate, which uses special Rough and Ultrafine Polishing Liquid produced by GRISH. Through rough and ultrafine polishing processes, the lapping and polishing time is greatly reduced, and the processing quality of the product surface is improved at the same time, so that the processing efficiency is effectively improved. GRISH also can help customer to process the substrate upon the requirements, and provide comprehensive quality service or total solutions.

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