With the rise of mobile electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet computers around the world, major manufacturers have put forward higher requirements for the surface processing of these mobile devices. And in order to achieve differentiation in market competition, more and more materials have also been applied by manufacturers to mobile phone shells or tablet computer shells. In addition to traditional engineering plastics, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys, there are also aluminum-magnesium alloys, ceramics, and Kevlar fibers. We also know that not only materials are diverse, but also innovations in surface treatment processes are endless, such as HTC mobile phone shells. The micro-arc oxidation process used, as well as the anodizing process used in the Ipad shell, all pose new problems for grinding and polishing.

For the grinding and polishing of these products, Guoruisheng Technology has also developed supporting products and grinding processes on the basis of existing technology, and is committed to providing manufacturers with cost-effective solutions.

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